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Summer, 2014


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If you are a new or returning Catholic Gaucho, Vaquero or Warrior,


Starting college is a big deal.  Whether you are a starting freshman, a transfer student, a grad student, or a visiting student, life in college in the Santa Barbara is, well, probably a little different than you are used to in suburbia, USA.  UCSB is a world-class research university right on the beach.  The little college town of Isla Vista is a strange, crazy and wonderful place.  Santa Barbara itself is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and all of California is awesome in so many ways.  With everything going on as you acclimate, you may feel homesick, struggling with your new roomie, tempted to party away your days, or just feel a little disoriented as you arrive. Consider dropping by St. Mark’s!  We are the student parish for UCSB, but we also welcome students from SBCC and Westmont. We can’t promise to take the place of your mom and dad, but we do form a community of students who share one thing in common: love for our Roman Catholic faith.

Have a look at the following guides:

Now, here are some things to do right now as you get ready to arrive:

  1. First things first…  Please register using our Flocknotes system.   You can find the registration form here.
  2. Our first WELCOME events will be in late September, exact time and date TBD.  The easiest way to get the info on all of our upcoming events is to register (see step 1).  Once registered, we can e-mail and text you to keep you informed.
  3. If you need to work on completing your Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, First Communion Confirmation), please contact our RCIA director, Deacon Chris Sandner by clicking here.
  4. If you want to talk to someone about college life and your faith prior to your arrival, please contact one of our four awesome FOCUS missionaries.  These missionaries are trained in the art of how to combine college fun with faith and serve as a great interface between the parish and the university.
  5. If you are cantor or a musician and want to participate in liturgical music, please contact our music directors by clicking here.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Fr. John Love

Fr. John Love




One comment on “New Students…Start Here!
  1. Cecilia Torres says:

    Excited to join your community at ,St.Mark’s and excited about being at UCSB.It’s so beautiful and feel so blessed

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