Protection, miracles


plz pray God protects me from all bad happening, nowadays i got a lot difficulties, pray I become free from devil hands and works.

Plz pray powerfully God protects me (Sara leila) and my mom (Aamaneh) from all bad happenings, devil disturbances, bad people and evil eyes. plz pray and break every single satanic power in my life and in my mother life. and pray God makes me and my mom completely Happy as he promised.

Plz pray Powerfully for me that I get my miracles (for years I’ve been waiting for my miracles), then I can marry (nashan). tired of lonely life, please pray God almighty gives me my miracles and makes me happy soon too.

I pray always, but sometimes I hear and see dangerous and scary things, help me with A Powerful Praying Plz.

also I need finance miracle.

and pray God Guides me in my life, and I can hear and recognize His voice clearly. plz pray God accepts All My Prayers, Gives my miracles to me so I can live completely Happy.

Thanks so much,
Sara Leila.

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