I was going to ask if you can pray for me so I get into,the bible and for my finances and also for guidance I m not sure how,to,follow the lord more passionately brother and sister who,is reading this I have tried so many different thing s and I feel I haven’t been able to,give jesus the same devotion its gotten better today though as far as devotion but pray for me and also the other requests I have are for my friend s and family and for Miriam,to,have stability and for the company Amazon pray they would change the Alexa artificial intelligence so that it doesnt respond anything negative r untrue about Jesus they are making these artificial intelligences and I just don’t want people to be deceived. Pray for the city of dacono so they let my dad have his access way to road 15 and that it all goes nice for him because there trying to build a wall and it blocks his access to the road. Also pray for Kansas new Mexico California and for Sharon mica and Ashley and also for Richard and cree so they get to be around there families and so they have relationship restoration if they choose to take it but pray for their needs some are homeless I think like this guy jim and triple john. many of them have broken homes. And for them to love god over drugs. Pray for Steve whos recovering from herion and for Melissa Tim and the otber guy from the apartment and for garden center apartment s also if,you want to pray for my relationships with chris josh and dorington and also if its the lords will forme,to,go on a mission trip. Those kther requests are optional

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