OFM, cap Novices

Each Friday during the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters, Catholic grad students meet at the UCSB UCen Hub upstairs for lunch and a spiritual talk. If you are interested in joining us, just show up and look for two happy guys dressed like Friar Tuck. You can also get more information by finding our group on Facebook @ UCSB Grad Students Association. Our friar-novices for 2016-2017, Brothers Baudry and Collin will be delighted to meet you over lunch and share their own faith journey.  You can also contact Stephen Sehr (UCSB, Engineering)

For more information on the mission of the Capuchins here in California, please go to www.olacapuchins.org/

Baudry Metangmo, OFM, cap
from Cameroon
Montana State, Billings (mathematics)



Brother Collin Kourtz, OFM, cap
from Fairfax, VA
Graduated from Loyola U, Baltimore, MD (engineering)