Student Leadership

St. Mark’s Student Leadership

St. Mark’s student leadership group strives to make St. Mark’s a community by welcoming new students to our parish. Our focus is on Faith, Fellowship, and Friends. We plan social events where students can get to know each other and build their faith together. If you have any questions email us at or talk to any of our members after Mass (or around campus).

2017 – 2018 Student Leadership

The 2015-2016 Student Leadership welcomes all new Freshmen, Transfer Students, and returning Students. We look forward to meeting you at Mass and our events over the coming year. Look for us tabling at the University Center during the Week of Welcome for a list of events we will be holding.


Arianna Allen is a 4th year English Major and Education Minor from Sacramento, California. She is president of St Marks, as well as being coordinator for SEARCH retreats.

Favorite Saint: Saint Pope John Paul II

Favorite Quote: “Jesus does not say ‘no’ to the authentic demands of the heart, but only a clear, loud, ‘yes’ to life, to love, to freedom, to peace and to hope. With Him no goal is impossible and even a small act of generosity grows and can lead to change.” -St. Pope John Paul II

Fun Fact: When I was five my eardrum ruptured, but I don’t have any hearing loss


Johann Schoenfeld is a 4th year Zoology major from San Clemente, California. He is head sacristan and in the liturgy department, as well as being a part of Nourish and co-officer of Adoration.

Favorite Saint: Saint Philomena

Favorite Quote: Anything by St. Thomas Aquinas

Fun Fact: I went to an all boys boarding school

Iliana de Hoyos is a 4th year Biological Anthropology and Sociology double major with a minor in Spanish. She is from Ontario, California, and works as the secretary at St. Mark’s as well as being the Service Ministry Chair.

Favorite Saint: Saint Christopher (patron saint of surfers)

Fun Fact: I’m obsessed with succulents

Catherine Marshall is a 4th year Flute Performance and Applied Psychology Major from San Diego, California. She is the Event Planner for St. Mark’s, and is also involved in choir, praise & worship team, and is a bible study leader.Favorite Saint: Saint CeciliaFavorite Quote: “The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.” -Pope Benedict XVI


Jonah Calio is a 4th year History major from San Diego, California. He is Officer of Adoration and Liturgy at St. Marks.
Favorite Saint: Saint Therese, Saint Stephen, & Saint Philomena
Favorite Quote:

Fun Fact: Idk I’m not fun


Vanessa Alvizo is a 3rd year Biology Major from Westminster, California. She works at the St Mark’s front desk, as well as being media coordinator.

Favorite Saint: Mother Teresa

Favorite Quote:

Fun Fact: I’m obssessed with Taylor Swift

Will Watt is a 3rd year Environmental Studies and History of Architecture double major from San Luis Obispo, California.

Favorite Saint: Saint Christopher
Favorite Quote: “The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness!” -Pope Benedict XVI
Fun Fact: My goal is to travel to every national park

Danny La is a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering Major from Rancho Santa Margarita, California. He is the officer of the Praise & Worship Ministry.

Favorite Saint: Saint Peter

Favorite Quote: “Sometimes you just have to do something. You don’t get thanked for breathing air.”

Fun Fact: I once climbed Ortega to get my sandal back

Stephanie Beas is a 2nd year Communications major and Spanish & Education double minor from Corcoran, California. She is the Spanish Community Liaison at Saint Marks.

Favorite Saint: St. Pope John Paul II