Student Leadership

St. Mark’s Student Leadership.

St. Mark’s student leadership group strives to make St. Mark’s a community by welcoming new students to our parish. Our focus is on Faith, Fellowship, and Friends. We plan social events where students can get to know each other and build their faith together. If you have any questions email us at or talk to any of our members after Mass (or around campus).

2015 – 2016  Student leadership.

The 2015-2016 Student Leadership welcomes all new Freshmen, Transfer Students, and returning Students. We look forward to meeting you at Mass and our events over the coming year. Look for us tabling at the University Center during the Week of Welcome for a list of events we will be holding.


Katie D

Katie Devlin was born and raised in the Bay Area. She is a fourth year Economics major. She is the president of the Student Leadership, and lectors at the 10 A.M. Mass. She is also the President of UCSB Students for Life, the campus pro-life club.

Favorite food: Potatoes au gratin

Favorite music: Folk music

Favorite saint: St. Rose of Lima and St. Kateri Tekakwitha

Favorite collegiate team: UCSB Basketball

Superpower you’d want: Ability to breath under water

Christine H 
SEARCH Coordinator

Christine Hamlin was born and raised in San Diego. She is a fourth year CCS Literature major. She is the coordinator for the SEARCH retreat and lectors at the 7 P.M. Mass.

Favorite food: Cobb salad

Favorite music: film scores

Favorite Collegiate Team: SDSU men’s basketball I guess?

Favorite Saint: St. Bernadette

Superpower you would want: Osmosis from book to brain via pillow

Jacqueline Y

Jacqueline Yap is from San Diego. She is a member of the Faith Enrichment Ministry and the Children’s Ministry.

Favorite food: Spaghetti

Favorite music: Alternative/Rock

Favorite collegiate team: Torero Volleyball Team

Favorite saint: Saint Joseph of Cupertino

Superpower you’d want: Telekinesis

Raquel Arteaga

Raquel “Rocky” Arteaga is from Chino Hills. She is a third year Biology major. She is the secretary for the Student Leadership.

Favorite food: Anything sweet!

Favorite music: Alternative

Favorite Saint: St. Veronica

Superpower you would want: To control time!

Mark M

Mark Mallari is from Corona. He is a third year Biology major. At St. Mark’s he is a Lector and Eucharistic Minister at the 7 P.M. Mass and he is leads the Events Ministry.

Favorite food: All pasta

Favorite music: The 1975 and The Neighbourhood

Favorite Collegiate Team: Go Gauchos!

Favorite Saint: St. Luke and St. Therese of Lisieux

Superpower you would want: Psychic powers would be pretty sweet!

Gerald C

Gerald Caligaris is from Mountain View. He is a third year Economics major. He is a member of the Faith Enrichment Ministry.

Favorite food: MEAT

Favorite Collegiate Team: St. John’s College Intercollegiate Croquet Team

Favorite Saint: St. Thomas Aquinas

Superpower you would want: 18th Century Britain



Aime C

Aime Casillas is from Chino Hills. She is a third year Communications and Film and Media Studies major. She leads a Bible Study, is a member of the Faith Enrichment Ministry, and works in the St. Mark’s office.

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite Music: Indie and Worship

Favorite Saint: St. Paul

Superpower you’d want: Teleportation

Favorite collegiate team: UCLA… sorry UCSB


Randy H

Randy Ho is the head sacristan at St. Mark’s. He is a fourth year majoring in microbiology, and hopes to become a doctor one day.  As head sacristan, I am charged with the responsibility of recruiting, coordinating, and training (in tandem with Deacon Chris) the altar servers for both the 10 A.M. mass and the 7 P.M. student mass. In addition, I also coordinate the Extraordinary Ministers and lectors of the 7 P.M. mass.
And don’t be afraid to say hi if you see me!

Some interesting things about me:

1. I Can speak three languages: English, Vietnamese, and a bit of French. I am completely

fluent in English and Vietnamese. French still needs a lot of work…

2. LOVE seafood. Specifically shellfishes.

3. I can play solo fingerstyle acoustic guitar. You should search up “Andy McKee Drifting”

on youtube if you get the chance. His music is the kind of music I play.

4. If I could have one superpower, it’d be the power of healing. It’d make being a doctor

MUCH easier.