Lord, our God,
out of the speech of little children
you have fashioned a hymn of praise.
Look with kindness on these children
whom the faith of the Church commends to your fatherly care.
Your son, born of the Virgin Mary, gladly welcomed little children.
He took them in his arms, blessed them,and them up as an example for all.
We pray that you, Father,
will also send your blessing on them
so that they may grow in Christian maturity
and, by the power of the Holy Spirit,
become Christ’s witnesses to the world,
spreading and defending the faith. Amen.
(Book of Blessings, ICEL, 1987)

If you would like to baptize your baby (or small child under 6 years old) at St. Mark’s University Parish, please drop in at the parish office and complete a baptismal registration and also provide a copy of the birth certificate so that we may verify the the spelling and birth date of your baby. Parents and Godparents are required to attend a one session pre-baptismal catechesis.


Because we are a university parish serving students from all over California, the United States and the world, we often receive requests for pre-baptismal classes for godparents who will take part in baptisms at a home parish. Students at UCSB, SBCC, Brooks, and Westmont are most welcome to attend the classes here at the parish. Upon completion of the class, each participant will receive a certificate that can be presented to the parish of of the baby’s baptism. Please inform the parents of the baby to be baptized well in advance of your plans if you decide to attend pre-baptismal catechesis at St. Mark’s.


  1. No more than two godparents per baby. One godparent acceptable
  2. The two godparents must be of different gender (one male, one female)
  3. Godparents must be baptized and practicing Roman Catholics (Latin or Eastern Rite), at least 18, and have received all sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation)
  4. Catholic Godparents/Padrinos need not be a married couple, but if married,they should be married in the Catholic Church.
  5. A non-Catholic baptized Christian may serve as a Christian witness in lieu of a godparent, but at least one must be Roman Catholic or Eastern Rite Catholic.
  6. Under no circumstances may a non-baptized person serve as a Christian Witness/Godparent/Padrino

For more information about baptism schedules in English or to schedule your baby for baptism, please contact Karen and Gary Lawrence: (805) 685-4293.

Para bautisar en espanol, favor de llamar la oficina: (805) 968-1078