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St. Mark’s Scope of Work

Moments of creation, building and rebuilding continuously present themselves to us as we live and grow. These moments often appear through what externally appear to be building and remodeling in the classic sense, with bricks, mortar and paint. But this emphasis on building materials would overlook the underlying impulse to build. For example, when we decide to construct a house, we do so not simply to create structure. Rather, we build in the hope that the house will soon become a home; a gathering place of beauty, permanence, and security. In a sense, this is what St. Mark’s has been called to do over the next three years: to continue to build and reconfigure our spiritual home not only for ourselves, but most especially for those who would otherwise lack a spiritual home during their college years.

Building something beautiful for God requires three things: a well conceived vision or idea, the will to bring it to completion, and the proper financial resources. I believe that after three years of working with our exploratory building committee and parishioners, we have created a clear vision of what is needed and what is desirable. Our physical plans are very beautiful, but at the same time, they are cost-conscious and practical. For example, the facade renewal is not just gingerbread, but the new design addresses two practical problems that have plagued the church since its original construction almost fifty years ago: constant roof leaks and the lack of a theologically clear and highlighted entry way into the interior of the church. A proper kitchen and small hall will also be beautiful, but anyone can understand that this addition will address ways our parish can reach out and gather hungry students and other parishioners who want to gather and learn about their faith while sharing in a meal.

I believe we also possess the proper frame of mind and will to build. We all want to see St. Mark’s grow and flourish. As we approach fifty years as a parish community, I reflect on my own life and understand that the strength of my will becomes that much stronger when my will is aligned with the will of the People of God in our Holy Church. Through this unity, our will becomes united in a mystical way to the will of the Heavenly Father. The Father’s will is not always clearly laid out neatly and in a straight line, but working together gives us all a unique perspective to consider the unfolding of His will in our community. This is why it is so very critical that each of us become involved to the best of our ability so that even if the amount of funding we provide may be different in relation to our largest donors, our sacrifices are all equal in the end.

In invite you to consider making your own sacrifice and pledge to help our future Catholic student leaders. As young people, they are in process of building their lives in the name of Christ and the Church. Please join me as we help create and build a worthy structure that will allow this spiritual building of our students to continue into the foreseeable future.

Fr. John Love

Rev. John W. Love

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